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Computational Linguistics and Language Technology


Why this program?

Language technology is a highly relevant topic in contemporary society. Personal assistants like Siri or Alexa, machine translation tools etc. already play a key role in our daily lives. Not only our subject, but also our main method, machine learning, is a burning issue in today's world. Our graduates dispose of the skills needed to join interesting start-ups, to work with established companies (like Google) in the field of Natural Language Processing, or to become a researcher at an international university or independent research institute.

Our department is the only place in Switzerland where you can obtain a Master's degree in Computational Linguistics and Language Technology.

What will I learn?

The Master's degree program in Computational Linguistics and Language Technology provides insights into the scientific methods, latest theories, and methodological standards of the field. Those completing it have profound expertise in machine translation and text mining as well as in further topics such as dialogue systems and discourse analysis. In addition, they will have acquired some expertise in speech processing. They are able to critically read research papers, scientifically evaluate new findings, and carry out their own research in the field of natural language processing. They have programming skills and are able to plan and implement language technology software in a structured and concise way. They are experts in the design of machine learning solutions and have gained basic project management skills. They have some teaching experience and are qualified to join a PhD program.

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Admission requirements

- BA in Computational Linguistics and Language Technology or 60 ECTS credits in Computational Linguistics.
- Proficient in English

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