Study and living expenses for students

Living expenses depend very much on the individual student. These figures should therefore be regarded as a guideline only: (CHF)

Rent incl. heating 690
Additional expenses (telephone, internet, radio and television fees*) 140
Meals 450
Health insurance, insurance 100
Travel   95
Clothing, laundry, personal items 100
Leisure, spending money 150
AHV / IV   40
Tuition fees** 130
Teaching materials*** 120

The expected minimum cost of living for students at the University of Zurich therefore comes to a total of CHF 2000 per month.

* Every household in Switzerland is legally obliged to pay the radio and television fees, even if you pay for cable TV in your ancillary costs. Your fees contribute to the public service offered by radio and television broadcasting in Switzerland. On the Serafe web site you’ll find more detailed information.
** Tuition fees come to around CHF 770 per semester (+ CHF 100/CHF 500 for foreign students). Please see also the information on the Website Semester fees and contributions
*** Depending on the field of study, the cost of teaching materials comes to around CHF 50–150 per month.