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Shaping the Future of Teaching Together

Teaching at UZH comes in a wide variety of guises. It could be described as a living organism in a constant state of flux. The university teaching community takes a collaborative approach to develop innovative ideas and creative solutions to modernize teaching.

Collaboration, Synergies, Networks

The quality of university teaching doesn’t depend solely on the personalities of the individual instructors, but on a complex set of factors, including subject expertise, methodology, organization, facilities and technical infrastructure, which go largely unnoticed from the outside. Delivering effective teaching is a collective effort involving many different people. In a six-part series, UZH News is shining a spotlight on how instructors at UZH are working together to modernize teaching.
UZH News: Shaping the Future of Teaching Together

Future of Teaching Initiative

In the Future of Teaching Initiative, UZH has set out a strategic orientation framework for the future development of teaching. It particularly focuses on collaboration and networking between all those who make teaching at UZH possible – whether student-facing or behind the scenes.
UZH for Teaching Staff: Future of Teaching Initiative