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Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies

Studying Japanese Studies

Studying Japanese Studies

Short Introduction to Studying Japanese Studies

Japanese Studies in Zurich has chairs in both philological-cultural studies and social science. This makes it possible to study and to pursue PhD research across the whole breadth of the discipline.

Courses at the Chair of Philological-Cultural Studies provide subject-specific knowledge as well as an understanding of the methodological and theoretical bases of philological-cultural research. Students acquire the ability to work independently on original-language sources and research-literature with regard to themes and questions in the humanities.

At the Chair of Social Sciences, an understanding of the bases of theory and method in the social sciences is provided in addition to subject-specific knowledge. On this study-program, students will learn to work independently on social scientific topics and questions, also making use of Japanese sources.

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All information regarding administrative-technical and organizational questions about studying at the IAOS can be found at Study Organization.

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