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The University of Zurich Mission Statement

Issued by the Extended Board of the University on 29 November 2011 and approved by the Board of the University on 23 January 2012.

1. Identity of the University of Zurich


The University of Zurich (UZH) is an institution with a strong commitment to the free and open pursuit of scholarship.

Scholarship is the acquisition, the advancement and the dissemination of knowledge in a methodological and critical manner.

Academic freedom and responsibility

To flourish, scholarship must be free from external influences, constraints and ideological pressures. The University of Zurich is committed to unrestricted freedom in research and teaching.

Academic freedom calls for a high degree of responsibility, including reflection on the ethical implications of research activities for humans, animals and the environment.


Work in all disciplines at the University is based on a scholarly inquiry into the realities of our world

As Switzerland’s largest university, the University of Zurich promotes wide diversity in both scholarship and in the fields of study offered. The University fosters free dialogue, respects the individual characteristics of the disciplines, and advances interdisciplinary work.

2. The University of Zurich’s goals and responsibilities

Basic principles

UZH pursues scholarly research and teaching, and provides services for the benefit of the public.

UZH has successfully positioned itself among the world’s foremost universities. The University attracts the best researchers and students, and promotes junior scholars at all levels of their academic career.

UZH sets priorities in research and teaching by considering academic requirements and the needs of society. These priorities presuppose basic research and interdisciplinary methods.

UZH strives to uphold the highest quality in all its activities.
To secure and improve quality, the University regularly monitors and evaluates its performance.


UZH contributes to the increase of knowledge through the pursuit of cutting-edge research.

UZH is primarily a research institution. As such, it enables and expects its members to conduct research, and supports them in doing so.

While basic research is the core focus at UZH, the University also pursues applied research.


UZH has the responsibility to provide its students with an academic education. The University also offers programs in continuing education and advances lifelong learning. Teaching at UZH is research-based.

An academic education is rooted in a scholarly community of teachers and students; this environment develops students’ ability to formulate and answer questions, to methodically gain insight into an issue, to critically assess problems and to share knowledge with others. Through a university education, students acquire the skills necessary to think and act independently and responsibly.

Services and transfer

UZH provides services related to research and teaching for the benefit of the public.

UZH promotes the transfer of knowledge and technology, making research and teaching accessible to others.

3. Governance at the University of Zurich

Basic principles

UZH endeavors to achieve a spirit of shared responsibility and self-management when pursuing its goals and carrying out its responsibilities. The University acknowledges the specific demands placed on management structures at knowledge-based institutions.

UZH governance is based on the principles of subsidiarity, participation, transparency and balanced interests. The inclusion of an appropriate representation of students and staff in decision-making processes is an expression of shared responsibility.


UZH allocates its funds in a transparent and responsible manner. Goals and performance are duly considered when awarding funding.

UZH secures access to additional financial sources through the acquisition of competitive third-party funding and through fundraising. When doing so, the University consistently safeguards academic freedom.


Administration at UZH is service-oriented, reliable and efficient. It operates according to the highest international standards and supports research, teaching and other services.

4. The University of Zurich's community

Basic principles

UZH fosters the intellectual, professional and personal development of its staff and students. Furthermore, the University ensures equal opportunity, particularly for women and men, and supports the principles of non-discrimination in all areas.

As members of the UZH community, all staff and students are bound to act in an ethically responsible manner.

Students and staff

A university education is open to all persons who possess the required entrance qualifications. UZH is dedicated to promoting talent at all levels.

UZH offers its staff up-to-date employment and working conditions, and supports them in their professional development.

The University offers the entire UZH community the opportunity to participate in a wide range of cultural and athletic activities.


UZH is committed to maintaining lasting relationships with its graduates and its supporters.

5. The University of Zurich and society

Basic principles

UZH is dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, but also bears a responsibility to the public at large. The University provides a scholarly foundation for self-reflection in society, thereby contributing greatly toward its positive development.

UZH practices transparency by informing the public about its activities and concerns. A part of UZH’s resources are made available to the general public through libraries, museums and public events.

UZH considers sustainability in scholarship as well as in its operations to be a core responsibility.

In research, teaching and daily operations, the University safeguards human and animal rights.

Local base

The University of Zurich profits from its location in the city of Zurich and, in turn, contributes to the city’s reputation. In addition, UZH maintains close partnerships with the University hospitals, with the neighboring Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) and the universities of applied science.

UZH coordinates its activities with other Swiss institutions of higher learning.

The University cultivates exchange with other public and private institutions.

International character

UZH is a university with an international reputation for excellence. UZH recruits outstanding researchers from throughout the world, fosters international collaboration in research and teaching, and promotes student exchange.