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Independent Bodies

Evaluation Office

The Evaluation Office conducts evaluations for all divisions of the university to raise and further refine the quality of academic work in the areas of research, teaching and services as well as the quality of managerial and administrative work at the university.
Evaluation Office

Employee Assistance Office (MBS)

The team of the Employee Assistance Office (MBS) can help you unravel the knots and develop solutions.
Employee Assistance Office

Ombudsperson and Research Integrity Delegate

The Ombudsperson and his deputies are the first and central point of contact for reports of suspected scientific misconduct and perform also an advisory and mediatory role. The Research Integrity Delegate or his deputy conducts procedures on behalf of the university’s executive board to investigate suspected scientific misconduct.
UZH for Researchers: Research Integrity

Internal Audit

Appeals Committee

President: Dr. iur. Viviane Sobotich
Legal secretary: Lic. iur. Antonio Trottmann

Appeals Committee of the Cantonal
Institutes of Higher Learning in Zurich
Walcheplatz 2
P.O. Box
8090 Zürich
Phone: 043 259 23 67