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IT, Society and Law

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ITSL – Center for Information Technology, Society, and Law

Lead: Faculty of Law
Involved: Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Faculty of Science
Founded: 2015

Steering Committee

  • Prof. Dr. Florent Thouvenin, Institute of Law (Information and Communications Law) (Chair)
  • Prof. Dr. Abraham Bernstein, Department of Informatics
  • Prof. Dr. Michael Latzer, Department of Communication and Media Research
  • Prof. Dr. Katja Rost, Institute of Sociology
  • Prof. em. Dr. Rolf H. Weber, Institute of Law (Business Law)

Information Technology Research and Consulting

The ITSL is a Switzerland-wide point of contact for regulatory issues in the field of information technology. It provides expert opinions on behalf of administrative bodies and associations, for example regarding the introduction of network blocking or the use of cloud services. In addition to interdisciplinary research on the interactions between information technology, society and the law, the ITSL also offers consulting services and ensures transfer of knowledge.


Center for Information Technology, Society, and Law (ITSL)
Rämistrasse 74 / 38
CH-8001 Zurich
Phone: +41 44 634 59 96

Contact (E-mail)