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Sleep and Health

Sleeping woman with electrodes

SHZ – Center of Competence Sleep & Health Zurich

Lead: Faculty of Medicine
Founded: 2014

Steering Committee

  • Dr. Angelina Maric, Department of Neurology (Co-Chair)
  • Dr. Esther Irene Schwarz, Department of Pulmonology (Co-Chair)
  • Prof. Dr. Salomé Kurth, Pulmonology and Psychology Department, Fribourg University

Sleep, Chronobiology and Sleep Medicine

Sleep & Health Zurich constitutes an interdisciplinary network of investigators in sleep and chronobiology. It promotes scientific research, education and outreach in the field of sleep/chronobiology and sleep medicine and drives innovation for precision-medicine approaches and tailored sleep-wake interventions for healthy and diseased populations. Last but not least, Sleep & Health Zurich disseminates knowledge to the general public and promotes the transfer of novel developments in sleep science into prevention and health care.


Center of Competence Sleep & Health Zurich (SHZ)
University Hospital Zurich
Klinik für Neurologie
Frauenklinikstrasse 26
CH-8091 Zurich
Coordination Office
Dr. Caroline Kopp

Contact (E-mail)