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Research Priorities and Networks

Conducting top-tier research is only possible with cooperation, interaction and communication at all levels. UZH therefore supports numerous interdisciplinary research programs and networks within faculties and across the whole university.

UZH is currently funding 13 University Research Priority Programs (URPPs) and 12 Clinical Research Priority Programs (CRPPs). UZH is also the home institution of the SNSF-funded National Center of Competence in Research (NCCR) “Evolving Language”, and participates in seven other NCCRs. Research is further supported by a range of centers of competence, research initiatives, the TRANSFORM funding vessel and the four innovation clusters at the UZH Innovation Hub in the areas of biomedicine and life sciences, digitalization, aerospace, and healthy longevity. Additionally, the Hochschulmedizin Zürich consortium runs several flagship projects, and University Medicine Zurich supports projects in a range of priority areas.

Interdisciplinarity: University Research Priority Programs
Interdisciplinarity: National Centers of Competence in Research
Interdisciplinarity: Centers of Competence
Interdisciplinarity: Innovative Research Structures (TRANSFORM)
UZH Innovation Hub: Innovation Cluster
Hochschulmedizin Zürich: Flagship Projects
University Medicine Zurich: Priorities

Building Permanent Structures

The funding for individual research priorities is distributed in such a way that it promotes structural development for the long-lasting benefit of researchers, UZH and all of society. UZH develops skills, networks, methodologies and technologies while keeping in mind the need to harness synergies over the long term. Funding research priorities in a way that creates long-term structures also indirectly supports personal and career development by increasing the attractiveness of UZH in the eyes of top-notch researchers and generating interesting opportunities for early career academics.

Promoting Interdisciplinarity

Researchers are responsible for determining the content of their research priority projects. The projects need to be interdisciplinary in nature, however. This requirement exists mainly for two reasons: First, interdisciplinarity stimulates scientific creativity and productivity. Multifaceted perspectives and approaches are needed to find answers to complex societal challenges. Second, having an interdisciplinary focus helps institutes and faculties build up and leverage expertise and technologies.

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For Researchers

If you are a UZH researcher or planning to join UZH, the Grants Office team is happy to advise you on possible types of funding, both at the university and national level. Our Graduate Campus provides support tailored specifically to junior researchers.