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UZH Foundation

MedTech young entrepreneur Yannick Devaud

The UZH Foundation supports the strategic priorities of the University of Zurich and makes it possible for the university to conduct groundbreaking research. Thanks to your donations, our researchers can move forward with their important projects. Your generosity accelerates the pace of progress in research and teaching and means society can benefit more quickly from our findings.
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Citizen Science

Support research by becoming a citizen scientist! Citizen scientists play a role in many scientific disciplines – such as astronomy, physics, biochemistry and neuroscience – and in the humanities and social sciences – such as linguistics, history and archaeology. There are projects catering for lots of different interests, age groups and skillsets. One thing they all have in common is that no academic background is needed. All you have to bring is a bit of spare time and some basic equipment – usually a computer with internet access or a smartphone, occasionally other data collection devices.
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