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Technology Platforms

Technology Platforms

Modern cutting-edge research depends on top-notch infrastructure. UZH’s technology platforms meet the highest standards and facilitate highly challenging research projects and interdisciplinary cooperation. The technology platforms offer support and advice for researchers when using scientific facilities and databases. Researchers are thus enabled to use technologies that they do not normally use in their specialist field. The technology platforms introduce researchers to the basics of the hosted technologies through theoretical and practical training courses.

UZH for Researchers: Technology Platforms

Laboratory Animal Service Center (LASC)

The Laboratory Animal Services Center (LASC) is the central point of contact at UZH for all matters and questions relating to laboratory animals in research. The LASC is committed to humane and high-quality animal husbandry, thereby ensuring both the well-being of the animals and compliance with hygiene standards during and after the experiments. In order to reduce animal transportation to a minimum, the LASC maintains its own laboratory facilities. For quality assurance purposes, only animals from the LASC laboratory facilities may be used in experiments at the University of Zurich. The center is also responsible for ensuring strict compliance with all cantonal and federal guidelines and ordinances on the handling of laboratory animals and advises the biomedical research community accordingly on the implementation of animal experiments.

Laboratory Animal Service Center (LASC)

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UZH’s Infrastructures Score Highly

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The University of Zurich achieved excellent results in the Swiss government’s 2023 Swiss Roadmap for Research Infrastructures, acting as the sponsoring institution for 5 out of 14 large-scale priority projects.