Online Application and Admission

Applications can only be submitted online via the UZH application portal.

Please note the application periods. At the Bachelor's level, only certain degree programs allow you to start your studies in the spring semester.

On submission of an application you must pay an application fee of CHF 100.00, or CHF 400.00 in the case of a late application for a Bachelor's degree program (only possible if you have a Swiss university entrance qualification). The application fee will not be refunded or credited. Mobility students from other Swiss higher education institutions do not have to pay an application fee nor do they have to pay any semester fees at UZH.

Only applications submitted by the deadline will be processed.

Note for students already matriculated at UZH: If you would like to change your degree program or study program, please do so at "My Requests" in the student portal. Please only use this application form if you would like to enroll in an additional degree program (e.g. teaching diploma program alongside an existing Master’s degree program or doctoral studies).

How to Prepare for and Proceed with an Online Application

The application process consists of eight steps:

1. Find out about admission requirements and select study programs

Find out about the UZH degree programs offered and the admission requirements. Please choose your degree program and study programs before you start to fill out the online application form.

Main Language of instruction

Also find out what the main language of instruction is for your chosen study programs. If the main language of instruction is not your primary language, you may have to provide proof of adequate knowledge of the main language of instruction. If you do not have proof at the time you apply, you can submit it at a later date (see Point 8).

Studying Medicine

You can only apply for medical studies starting in the Fall Semester. Please note the restrictions on admission and the registration deadline at swissuniversities for the Bachelor's degree program. If you're applying for the Bachelor's degree program in medicine, you can simultaneously apply online for an alternative Bachelor's degree program. In this case you must also pay the admission fee for the alternative degree program.

Specialized Master’s programs or PhD programs

Applicants for a specialized Master’s program or for a PhD program are required to pre-register with the respective institute or graduate school before applying through the UZH application portal. For information about the pre-registration and pre-registration deadlines please refer to the websites of the institutes and graduate schools.

2. Prepare information and documentation

When you fill out the online application form you'll be asked to provide information on your educational background (upper secondary school, higher education institutions, etc.) and personal data, and to upload the documents necessary for your application to be assessed.

You'll find lists of the documents to be uploaded on the page Documents to Submit. Certificates, proof of qualifications, etc., that you don't have at this point can be submitted later on (see Point 8).

Among other things, please have the following information and documents ready (applies only in part for mobility students):

  • Information on your educational background; diplomas and certificates
  • Information on your place of residence at the time your upper secondary school-leaving certificate or university entry qualification was issued
  • Your AHV number if available (compulsory for applicants with a Swiss educational background)
  • Signed Declaration of Consent (PDF, 57 KB)
  • Officially certified translations of all documents that are not in German, English, French, or Italian.

3. Set up and activate user account

Open a user account in the application portal. You will immediately receive an e-mail from Student Services with a link to activate your account and your username. If you don't receive an e-mail, please check your spam folder.

Make sure you'll be reachable at the specified e-mail address during the entire admissions process, and keep a safe record of the username you have been sent. It cannot be changed.

Once you've activated your user account, you can log in and start filling out the online application form anytime.

4. Complete online application form and upload documents

You can apply via the online form as soon as the application period for the desired degree program has begun.

The application form is divided into several sections that you can work on independently of each other.

The first step is to choose your course of study. After that you can break off filling out the form any time, and continue later, provided you do so before the application deadline. Please note that the information you have entered will never be saved automatically; you need to click "Save" at the bottom of the page (or the "Continue" button where you select the course of study). Log in again another time with your username and password.

The info buttons to the right of the input fields will give you more information on filling out the form.

Tips on filling out the form and uploading documents

  • Qualification for selected academic level:

Please specify whether you gained your university entry qualification at a school or higher education institution in Switzerland or abroad.

  • Study programs:

The degree programs that are displayed depend on the level or type of study and the faculty selected. The study programs, on the other hand, depend on the degree program selected and the type of program (e.g. major 90, etc.). If the study program of your choice is not shown, you may have to change the degree program or type of program.

  • Uploading documents:

Please do not use special characters in the document names (e.g. ä, ö, ü).

Details of single major, major and minor study programs, doctoral programs, etc., are available at:

5. Pay application fee online and submit application

Once you've entered all the information and uploaded the relevant documents, please submit your application. To do so, please click "Save and Pay" (or "Submit" when applying for Mobility within Switzerland). You will be taken to the payment page. You can no longer make any changes. Mobility students from other Swiss higher education institutions do not have to pay any application fee.

You must send your application by 12 midnight of the last day of the application period at the latest.

You can pay your application fee by Visa, Mastercard, or PostFinance Card. If you do not have one of these cards, you can get a prepaid card from various outlets (see FAQs application portal, point 4 a).

You will be sent a confirmation by e-mail once UZH has received your application. You can check the information you have entered in the application portal (using the Preview button) and print out a summary if required.

No application may be submitted after the application deadline. Please submit a new application if you wish to apply for a later semester.

6. Check payment status

Please check your payment status in the application portal. After you have sent your application, wait for five or ten minutes before checking. You may need to log out and then log in again, so that your data can be updated. If the payment for the application fee did not go through, please try again. Your application will only be processed once your payment has gone through. Students applying for Mobility within Switzerland do not have to pay any application fee.

7. Hand in any rejected or missing documents at a later date

If your application is incomplete or the files you have submitted do not meet the requisite quality standards, you will be sent (via application portal) a written request to supply the relevant information or files. Please upload these documents via the application portal.

8. Submit outstanding certificates/matriculate in person at UZH

Applicants with a Swiss educational background who have already been matriculated at a Swiss university or university of applied sciences as well as mobility students can go through the whole application process online, provided all the necessary qualifications and certificates are available at the time they make their online application.

For all other applicants, the following guidelines on submitting certificates and matriculating in person apply.

Please also note the detailed information on the procedure and deadline contained in the letter you receive after your online application has been reviewed by the relevant unit at Student Services.

a). Application with a Swiss university entrance qualification, Bachelor's degree program

If certificates are missing because you have not yet done the relevant exams, you must supply the relevant documents (university entrance qualification, confirmation of withdrawal from university, university certificates) at a later date via the application portal in accordance with the information provided in the letter mentioned above.

If this is your first matriculation at a Swiss higher education institution, in addition to the copy of your university entrance qualification that you upload online, please submit the original (e.g. Swiss maturity certificate, professional maturity certificate with proof of passing supplementary examinations, an entrance examination certificate, or university of applied science diploma) by mail or at the Student Administration Office counter. Please also note the information provided in the letter mentioned above.

b). Application with a Swiss qualification, Master's or Doctoral degree program or the program for the teaching diploma for upper secondary education

If you cannot provide a diploma because you have not yet completed all exams, you must submit the originals of the relevant documents (university transcripts, confirmation of withdrawal from the university) at a later date by mail or at the the Admissions Office counter. Please note the information provided in your admission letter.

Proof of competence in the main language of instruction:

If you have to subsequently provide a language certificate, this can be submitted along with your original documents. Please note the information in your admission letter and on the relevant web page.

c). Application with a foreign qualification, all degree programs:

You have to matriculate in person at the Admissions Office counter. Here you must present original versions of the relevant documents (upper secondary school-leaving certificate, university certificates, etc.). Please note the information on the procedure and deadline in your admission letter.

Proof of competence in the main language of instruction:

If a language certificate is required, you can hand over the original when you matriculate in person. Please note the information in your admission letter and on the relevant web page.

After Submitting your Application

You can view the processing status of your application at any time in the application portal.

Messages and documents from UZH relating to your application and admission (with the exception of proof-of-matriculation vouchers) will be posted on the application portal for you to download. In each case you will be notified by e-mail.

Once the review of your application is complete, UZH will send you a letter of admission or rejection.

The login details for the online services at UZH will be available for download in a separate letter in the application portal usually within 72 hours after the matriculation is complete.

Semester Fees, UZH Card, Login Data for Online Services

Your invoice for the semester fees for your first semester will be made available for download on the application portal in the "documents" area of the application you handed in, once you have been admitted; if you are a foreign applicant, the invoice will be made available once you have matriculated in person. Mobility students from other Swiss higher education institutions do not have to pay any semester fees.

Once payment of your semester fee has been received and booked, you will be provided with the following documents issued by UZH:

  • UZH Card
  • Login Data for UZH online services and your personal UZH e-mail account (up to 72 hours upon reception and booking of the fee payment)
  • Proof-of-matriculation vouchers
  • Mobility students only receive login data for UZH online services

The UZH Card and proof-of-matriculation vouchers will be sent to you separately by regular mail.

Please note that you can only book modules online once you have paid your semester fees and received your login data for online services.

Please check your UZH e-mail account regularly. Once you have received login data for your UZH e-mail account, the University will send e-mail messages only to your UZH e-mail account.

Matriculation becomes legally valid after payment of the semester fees has been received.

If you fail to pay your semester fees by the deadline, you will be withdrawn from the University by the UZH. In this case you will have to repeat the application process if you wish to apply to UZH at a later date.

Withdrawal of Application / Matriculation

You can withdraw your application via the application portal at any time until admission to study is granted. If you withdraw your application, your application fee will not be refunded.

After matriculation, you must request withdrawal from university via contact form at the Student Administration Office. If you have already paid the semester fees for the first semester and would like to be reimbursed (less a processing fee), please return your UZH Card and the four proof-of-matriculation vouchers by 15 March (for the spring semester) or 15 October (for the fall semester) and provide us with your bank details. The Student Administration Office will then initiate the reimbursement of the fees.