Doctoral Studies

There are two ways to earn a PhD at the University of Zurich:

  1. Individual doctorate and
  2. PhD programs / graduate schools

The application procedures for each type of doctoral degree program are different.

Application Procedure

1a. Individual doctorate

If you are interested in an individual doctorate, you must first contact an instructor at the institute in your field of study and present your thesis idea. You can submit a confirmation of supervision from the authorized examiner as soon as you have found a supevisor. The mainly responsible supervisor then signs the confirmation form which you must submit with the rest of your application material.

1b. PhD programs / graduate schools

Prospective candidates for these programs are required to pre-register at the institute in their chosen field of study. The institute itself will decide on admission to its program. You will find information on requirements and application material as well as the registration deadlines on the homepage of the faculty or institute in question.

2. Online application and application documents

At the same time you apply to a PhD program (either the individual PhD or a graduate school), you must also fill in the online application form. Please also submit the confirmation of supervision from the authorized examiner (see below) together with the required documents.

If you are a UZH student interested in earning a PhD, you must apply for a change of degree program at "My Requests" in the student portal. Do not use the online application.

Confirmation of Supervision from the Authorized Examiner (PDF, 243 KB)

(not for applicants to the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences)


Please note the application deadlines.