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Processing Status of Your Application

After submitting your application via the UZH application portal, you can check the processing status of your application yourself. To do this, log on to the application portal. The status is displayed on the "tile" of the application and in the open application on the upper right-hand side of the "Application Details" page.

If the status of your application is "Incomplete," "Admitted" or "Rejected," you’ll find a letter from the Student Administration Office or the Admissions Office in the “Documents” section of the application portal under “UZH Documents.” Please note the information there and any additional instructions.

The following statuses are used in the application portal. Read on for further information.

Status Meaning
Saved Application has been saved, but not yet submitted
Submitted Application has been submitted, but payment has not yet
been received/authorized
To be verified Application has been submitted, payment authorized, and it is now under review
Incomplete You must submit certain missing documents, note letter in the application portal
Admitted Application has been approved, note admission letter in the portal
Rejected Application has been rejected, note rejection letter in the portal
Matriculated Student has matriculated and payment for their semester fees has been received
Withdrawn Application has been withdrawn

"Saved" status:

You have not yet submitted your application. Please do so before the deadline by clicking on the "Save and Pay" button on the bottom right of the open application. Mobility students from other Swiss higher education institutions do not have to pay any application fee. Please click on "Submit".

"Submitted" status:

The application fee has not yet been paid or authorized, or the data in the application have not yet been updated. Please check your payment status via the "Fees" tab in the application portal. If necessary, please try to make the payment again. For more information please refer to the FAQ, Complete Application Form, Upload Documents, Pay Application Fee, last question.

"To be verified" status:

As long as the "To be verified" status is shown, your application is being processed by the Student Administration Office or Admissions Office. The time it takes to process a complete application can vary, and it may take as long as three months. In this status, it is not possible to upload any documents.

"Incomplete" status:

Missing documents must be submitted, and those which did not initially meet quality standards must be submitted once again. Please note the information given under the "Documents" tab in your application. Under "UZH Documents", you will find a letter containing information on the documents which have still to be submitted. The "My Application Documents" section contains entries about the documents which have been rejected. You will be notified as soon as the letter is available in the application portal.

"Admitted" or "Rejected" status:

If admission is granted or the application rejected, the status will change to "Admitted" or "Rejected", as appropriate. The detailed admission or rejection letter can be accessed via the "Documents" tab under "UZH Documents" on the application portal as soon as you have received the corresponding notification by e-mail.

"Matriculated" status:

The payment for the semester fee was received in full and your matriculation is now complete. After matriculation you will be provided with the login data to the online services of the UZH as well as with proof of matriculation and the UZH Card.

"Withdrawn" status:

This indicates that you have withdrawn your application. This is a final status. Your application will no longer be processed and there will be no further correspondence about it.