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After Entering Switzerland

Registering at the Local Registration Office (Kreisbüro)

After entering Switzerland, you must register at the registration office (Kreisbüro) in your home district in Zurich within 14 days and apply for a residence permit. If you don’t live in the city of Zurich, please register at the registration office (Einwohnerkontrolle) at your place of residence.

This applies to all students (EU/EFTA and non-EU/EFTA countries).

You should take the following documents to the registration:

  1. Valid passport or identity card
  2. Proof of Matriculation
    (you will receive this confirmation from the Admissions Office after you matriculate in person)
  3. Rental agreement
  4. Proof of sufficient financial means. Deemed to be acceptable proof is:
    1. An own bank statement or
    2. Confirmation from your parents that they will finance you during your studies
  5. CHF 40.- (registration fee)
  6. CHF 70.- (fee for identification card)


  1. Valid passport with visa
  2. Proof of matriculation
    (you will receive this confirmation from the Admissions Office after you matriculate)
  3. Rental agreement
  4. CHF 40.- (registration fee)
  5. CHF 142.- (fee for identification card)

Extension of the Residence Permit

Residence permits are generally issued for one year and can then be extended for as long as your studies last.

Please note that whenever you wish to extend your residence permit, you will be required to submit renewed proof of sufficient financial means and your Confirmation of Matriculation (Immatrikulationsbestätigung). In contrast to the proof-of-matriculation vouchers (Studienbescheinigung), which you receive by regular mail upon paying your semester fees, the Confirmation of Matriculation contains additional information on how many ECTS credits you have earned so far and whether they have already been counted toward a degree. You can order a Confirmation of Matriculation at the Student Administration Office; the cost is five Swiss francs. The Migration Office will not accept a proof-of-matriculation voucher when you apply to extend your residence permit. Attached you can see samples of the documents:

Muster Immatrikulationsbestätigung
Zoom (JPG, 968 KB)
Confirmation of Matriculation
Muster Studienbescheinigung
Zoom (JPG, 881 KB)
Proof-of-Matriculation Voucher

Maximum Length of Stay in Switzerland for Students from non-EU/EFTA Countries

Students from non-EU/EFTA countries are permitted to stay in Switzerland for study purposes for a maximum total of 8 years. This includes staying on as a doctoral candidate or as a postdoctoral researcher.

Health Insurance

All students are legally required to take out health insurance in Switzerland.

More information can be found on the following website:

§ Please Note: The information given on this page is for information purposes only and holds no guarantee for complete accuracy. The regulations on which this information is based may have changed since these guidelines were last reviewed. For legally binding information, please consult the website of the Federal Office for Migration or contact the Swiss embassy in your country of origin. §