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Why this program?

Bioinformatics skills are more and more needed for answering a variety of questions from Biology, Biochemistry, Biomedicine and Medicine. In the study program Bioinformatics, the focus lies on understanding and applying IT methods to treat large-scale life science data such as full genome sequences. Database skills and algorithms for data analysis are introduced and used for tackling biological and medical phenomena using computerbased methods. 
Bioinformatics can only be studied as a Minor which complements the chosen Major study program at UZH. Majors such as Biology, Biomedicine, Biochemistry or Informatics are a good match. 

Basic, university-level knowledge in genetics, molecular and cellular biology, evolution and biochemistry is required. If these topics are not covered in your previous degree or in your major, you will need to get them on your own before starting the bioinformatics modules (note that corresponding modules at UZH may be taught in German only).

What can I learn?

Depending on your Major, the study program in Bioinformatics provides the necessary additional and complementary courses to enhance your skills. You develop and apply your programming skills and acquire experience in several fields of application of bioinformatics tools. Two mandatory introductory modules in bioinformatics and Python programming are followed by a module in statistics, a module in informatics (if you major is biological) or biology (if your major is informatics), and then an advanced module in applied bioinformatics. Optional modules can be chosen from the offer of the minor program in Computational Science.

What can I do with it later?

The Minor Bioinformatics will enhance your skills in understanding, applying and possibly also developing bioinformatics tools. You get trained in logical reasoning and analytical thinking and will have broad knowlegde about underlying questions and problems, and know the current, state-of-the-art implementations. With a Minor in Bioinformatics, you are well equipped to proceed in computer-based scientific research and applications, either in your MSc thesis, in a PhD project, or in a job outside academia.

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