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Grafik Nahaufnahme Kristall

Why this Minor?

Crystallography is an interdisciplinary science between chemistry, materials science, mineralogy and solid-state physics. It offers the opportunity to acquire cross-disciplinary and practical knowledge. In particular, structural analysis by X-Ray diffraction analysis is an excellent method for determining the three-dimensional structure of molecules. It is used in many areas of research and industry, e.g. the pharmaceutical one.

What will I learn?

Minor program participants learn about the methodology and practical application of crystallography. You will understand the interdisciplinary importance of crystallography for scientific disciplines such as chemistry, biochemistry, solid- state physics, molecular biology, pharmacy, earth sciences, medicine, and materials science. You will acquire in-depth knowledge and skills in various crystallographic techniques. You will have the opportunity to gain insight into current crystallographic research (e.g. different methods of the crystal growth) through internships.

Admission requirements

The Minor program in crystallography is offered jointly by UZH and ETHZ. It can be completed as part of a Bachelor's or Master's degree and is open to all UZH students. Sufficient knowledge of natural sciences is required (such as the first year of Chemistry and fundamentals of chirality as well as enantiomers, part of OC I, CHE 203).