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Digital Skills

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Why this Minor?

The «DSI Minor Digital Skills» enables all students of the UZH to acquire competencies to meet the challenges of the digital transformation and to take advantage of its opportunities. The curriculum provides for interdisciplinary teaching/learning settings that allow critical reflection, promote understanding of different issues, approaches and methods, and enable the acquisition of «digital skills». The program is supported by the interdisciplinary network of lecturers of the Digital Society Initiative (DSI). In addition to the acquisition of technical skills, the examination of ethical, legal and social issues in connection with digitalization is a continuous topic throughout the entire curriculum.

What can I do with it later?

After completing this degree program, you will understand the context of the digital transformation in our society. You will be able to build or expand your programming knowledge and digital skills by applying them to interdisciplinary challenges. You can profitably contribute your experience from group work with students from different disciplines to a research team or in your professional life. In your future projects, you will be sensitive to ethical, legal and social issues. For questions outside your own discipline, you can draw on the network with your fellow students and DSI researchers, which you will regularly maintain and expand in our alumni meetings.

Additional information

Website School for Transdisciplinary Studies (STS) find out now about the available courses!

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Admission requirements

No prerequisites necessary. Individual courses can be added to the primary degree program (please contact the resposible faculty for detailed credit options).

The modules are offered through the School for Transdisciplinary Studies (STS) and are currently being piloted. The entire minor study program starting in the 2024 fall semester.