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Theoretical Astrophysics and Cosmology

Grafik Galaxien

Why this program?

Our Master's degree program aims at revealing the mysteries of the universe, focusing on different length and time scales. This includes the very beginning of the Universe and its expansion, the formation and evolution of cosmic structures such as galaxies and their dark matter halos and the formation of stars, planets and planetary systems including our own solar system.

The Master's in astrophysics allows to address some of the key open questions in the field of astrophysics, including: How did the universe begin? What is the origin of stars and planets in the Milky Way galaxy? What are the conditions for life? This will allow you to develop a critical way of thinking, understand how scientific questions are approached and answered, and will introduce you to sophisticated analytical and numerical methods.

What will I learn?

You will learn how to think and approach complex and interesting problems. You will also be able to develop your analytical and numerical skills and their application. By studying here, students can develop new skills as scientists in one of the many fundamental sciences studied in the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at UZH. 
Specific examples include: 

  • Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics 
  • Computational Physics and Astrophysics 
  • Methodological foundations for simulation in the natural sciences 
  • Numerical methods for differential equations in simulations 
  • Advanced high-performance computing
— Methods for visualization of simulation data 
  • Machine learning in the sciences

What can I do with it later?

Our graduates can pursue a career in academia, education, science-based industry, and the space sector. Analytical and numerical skills are often required by other positions in academia and industry. The Master's degree program will teach you how complex problems are addressed and solved. Furthermore, it will qualifies our graduates to join a wide range of doctoral programs.

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Admission requirements

- Bachelor's degree in physics from the University of Zurich with a major grade of at least 5.5 or a corresponding recommendation from another University.
- Assessment interview with the student and the future leaders of the thesis in the presence of at least one other faculty member.
- Additional requirements and further assessments may occur for students from an other Universities.

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