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Elective modules at ETHZ

In general, students of the University and the ETH have the right to attend courses at the other university without further requirements or fees and to acquire credit points. Excluded are courses that are offered at the student's own university in comparable scope and subject matter. See:

All UZH students who take courses with performance assessments at ETHU must be registered as "special students" at ETHZ (, book the respective courses and, in the case of end-of-semester or session examinations, also register for the examination via myStudies ( The results will be communicated or visible via myStudies in the same way as for ETHZ students. UZH students will also receive a written confirmation of their performance assessments by post at the beginning of the following semester.

Registration at ETHZ

In order to take modules at ETHZ, you must first register as a student at ETH, which must be reconfirmed each semester. After initial registration, you will receive your ETH login by post. Registration at ETH Zurich takes place online via  myStudies.