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Why this program?

The single major study program in Chemistry (90 ECTS credits) at Master’s level provides students with advanced knowledge of special chemical disciplines of their choice. Furthermore, it offers exposure to research through work on current research projects; the degree is completed with an independent research project.

The Master’s degree is the qualification required for academic professions in chemistry and meets the scientific requirements for commencing the Study Program for the Teaching Diploma for Upper Secondary Education. Program structure: In the Master's program students earn 35 ECTS credits from core elective and elective modules (lectures, exercises, seminars, laboratory courses, and special lectures). The Master's research project, combined with a research lecture and the Master's exam are the final components of the program.

What will I learn?

Graduates from a single major study program Chemistry at the Master's level have

  • an in depth theoretical understanding of concepts in Chemistry, which enables them to understand complex chemical systems.
  • experimental skills acquired during their largely independently conducted master’s thesis.
  • a deepened understanding of the current forefront of research in one specific field of chemistry.
  • competences in a specialized area of research and are able to conduct independent research such as would be required for a PhD.
  • the subject-specific qualifications necessary to work as a chemist MSc or to teach Chemistry as their first teaching subject at Upper Secondary Schools (Sekundarstufe II).

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Admission requirements

- Bachelor of Science in Chemistry
- C1 level of English and German
- See link below for further requirements


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Admission requirements for international students

Students with an equivalent bachelor’s degree from a university other than the University of Zurich must apply online at UZH. All information about the application procedure, deadlines and fees are given there. Questions must be addressed to the admissions office of UZH. 
For admission, a degree which is equivalent to a BSc in Chemistry at UZH is required. To be considered equivalent, the study program of your BSc must be similar in content, scope and quality to BSc in Chemistry at UZH (covering basic sciences, maths, broad chemistry, extensive education and training in a chemical lab, and advanced research-based courses in chemistry), and the university at which you obtained the degree must be of equivalent standing (e.g. ranking). This is very strict, and applicants from outside Switzerland are mostly admitted with additional requirements or conditions to fulfill during or before the Master.