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Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Biodiversity, permafrost or particle physics: Thanks to the intensive collaboration between the Faculty of Medicine and the University's hospitals, the Faculty of Science is one of the world's most highly regarded research institutions.

News From Our Research

  • AI Increases Precision in Plant Observation

    Researchers at UZH have used big data, machine learning and field observations in the university’s experimental garden to show how plants respond to

  • Encoding Memories in the Brain

    For her outstanding discoveries of mechanisms underlying learning and memory, Sheena Josselyn was awarded the 2023 Koetser award.

  • Focus on One Health

    The establishment of the One Health Institute at UZH is well under way. An inaugural symposium will be held on 21 September, focusing on the two key

  • “We unleashed an avalanche”

    On 21 September, UZH is hosting a symposium in honor of the late physicist and Nobel laureate K. Alex Müller. Ahead of the event, we shine a

  • Catching Squid Together

    The very first humans knew that cooperation and division of labor could bring advantages – and even help them survive. Today, anthropologist Andrea

  • Challenge Accepted: High-speed AI Drone Overtakes World-Champion Drone Racers

    EIn a milestone for artificial intelligence (AI), the AI system “Swift”, designed by UZH researchers, has beaten the world champions in drone racing

  • Two Million for Memory Research

    Neuroscientist Fritjof Helmchen has been awarded a coveted SNSF Advanced Grant worth CHF 2 million to fund his project researching a new theory of

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