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Religious Studies and Theology

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Why this program?

Religious Studies and Theology is an digital interdisciplinary Mono BA Program.

Religious Studies looks into religion in all its manifestations, past and present. The subject examines the interactions between religion and other disciplines, like politics and medicine,  and between religion and other social phenomena, like social behaviour, media or digitalization. Religious Studies is an empirical discipline that uses various theories and methods to research religious traditions and practices. It does not intend to decide on the truth or on the falsehood of religious ideas and practices.

The study of Theology encompasses an examination of the historical and cultural foundations of biblical texts, current ethical issues, history, philosophy, different theological traditions and questions of church practice.

The program is delivered fully online.  The program's language of tuition is English. Applicants must be able to prove that they have a very good command of English (level C1) of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

What can I learn?

The program is composed of six core modules and other additional modules which the candidates may choose depending on their interests. This allows for a more intensive focus on Religious Studies or on Theology, tailored to the candidate's profile. All candidates will take core training. This includes courses on fundamental theoretical frames in the concerned disciplines, religious traditions, history of Christianity, biblical canons, religious practices, ethics, hermeneutics and philosophy of religion, or the impact of digital transformation on religion.

In addition, students will acquire and/or improve analytical skills and the academic reading and writing techniques to develop their own research project. 

What can I do with it later?

Pursuing interdisciplinary studies in religious studies and theology will expose you to diverse tradition of thoughts and refine your critical thinking. This programs provides you with the ability to think in a structured interconnected way and convey complex issues to a wide audience. The communication, analytical and methodological skills which are trained in the program are highly sought in the current job market. Some professions, which graduates of this program may be aiming at, will include  journalism, publishing, consultancy (education, culture) or mediation. 

It is also possible to continue to pursue an academic career with your own research projekt in Theology, Religious Studies or a related field. 


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Where can you find us?

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Faculty of Theology and the Study of Religion
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