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Chemistry and Business Studies

Why this program?

The Master's program in Chemistry and Business Studies requires a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry and Business Studies from the University of Zurich or another recognized university. 

In the Master's program, you will deepen your knowledge in economic chemistry as well as in selected areas of chemistry and economics by attending special lectures and practical courses. The Master's program requires the completion of a total of 90 ECTS credits. Half of this is made up of the Master's thesis, which takes 9 months to complete.

What will I learn?

A Master in Chemistry and Business Studies will give you a solid theoretical knowledge of chemical concepts and economic issues, which will enable you to understand complex economic chemical, chemical and economic systems. Furthermore you will have the qualification to work as a Chemist MSc / Chemist MSc or to teach chemistry as a first subject at secondary schools (upper secondary level) as a 1st subject (after fulfilling additional professional additional professional requirements). In addition, the acquired economic skills enable employment in various business-related areas of industry. You will be able to identify relevant unresolved problems in a specific economic-chemical field and to formulate solutions for the identified problems.