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Comparative and International Studies (MACIS)

Grafik Studierende im Eingang der ETH

Why this program?

This Joint Master's degree program (University of Zurich and ETH) is offered by one of the leading political science research centers in Europe. With its strong emphasis on theory, methods, and research, the program serves as an excellent preparation for subsequent research leading to a PhD degree, or research-​oriented employment in the private or public sector. With small class sizes, MACIS students benefit from close student-​faculty interaction, and an intellectually stimulating environment.

What can I do with it later?

The master's degree program MACIS provides its candidates with analytical skills to excel in a research environment or any other professional career. Beside the strong focus on quantitative and qualitative research methods, the MACIS prepares you for communicating effectively in a interdisciplinary and multicultural environment and for solving problems to a tight deadline.

Approximately half of the students enter a PhD program at CIS or elsewhere upon graduation.The rest pursue careers in the private sector or in governmental institutions, as well as in international and civil society organizations.

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Admission requirements

- Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Public Policy, Economics, Sociology, Psychology, Humanities, Business Studies or BLaw
- C1 level of English
- Selection is based on the previous academic performance of the candidates

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