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Digital Linguistics

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Why this program?

The minor Master's program Digital Linguistics requires no previous knowledge and allows an easy entry into the field of Computational Linguistics. It is therefore ideally suited for students without any prior technical knowledge. After the obligatory introduction to the field and to programming, students can freely choose from a variety of lectures. The language of instruction is English.

  • Please note: The minor Master's program Digital Linguistics is not suitable for students who have already completed a major or minor in Computational Linguistics during their Bachelor's degree. Therefore, students who have studied Computational Linguistics during their Bachelor's degree should definitely choose the Master's study program Computational Linguistics and Language Technology.

What will I learn?

In the minor Master's program Digital Linguistics you will learn methods of linguistic data acquisition and acquire skills in automatic processing and analysis of large corpora and databases. You will learn to program and deepen your knowledge in topics of your choice such as machine learning, machine translation, text mining, semantic web and parsing. You will be able to read research papers on linguistics and language technology and apply the latest methods to large collections of linguistic data.

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Admission requirements

- Bachelor's degree
- Proficient in English

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