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Why this program?

The Master's in Geography opens a unique combination of research perspectives. It brings together aspects of the natural, social and computational sciences. The Master’s study program in Geography is the first step towards the specialisation in a specific research field of Geography. You will acquire profound knowledge of various current research projetcs and will take part in critical discussions of socially relevant topics, thus taking your communication skills to the next level.  

What can I do with it later?

The demand for Geography graduates and their methodological, theoretical and praxis oriented competences is high. Thanks to their broad knowledge base, they have the ability to master complex problem-solving tasks and to think in an interdisciplinary way. Depending on the orientation of their studies and the choice of minor programs, they work, for example, in the risk assessment of natural hazards, as spatial data analysts and geoinformaticians, or in regional development and international development cooperation. Further opportunities can be found in the information, communication or education sectors.

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Admission requirements

- BSc in Geography
- Similar studies (academic requirements must be fulfilled)
- C1 level of English

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