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Board of the University

The Board of the University is the highest governing body of the University. The Board is responsible for strategic decisions and the direct oversight of the University. (University Act (in German)  § 29)

Silvia Steiner, President

"The University of Zurich is a beacon in national and international higher education, and our canton can be proud of the University’s practiced excellence. As President of the Board of the University and as Minister of Education, I am committed to further strengthening Zurich as a place of higher learning. Research and scholarship provide the foundation for innovation. Or, phrased differently: Our society and economy rely on impulses from universities in order to develop positively and to find the best answers to today’s pressing questions."

Peter E. Bodmer

“In the age of digitalization – where almost all knowledge is available online – it is all the more important that we promote ‘out-of-the-box thinking’ and interdisciplinary cooperation to not only maintain but increase the Zurich economic region’s innovative power and the international edge that comes with it.

My vision for the University of Zurich is for it to help shape a space of interconnected knowledge. A space where transdisciplinary work lets borders blur. A space where people come together and ideas thrive. The focus should always be on the matter that is being analyzed and investigated, never on external claims – wherever or whomever they may come from. This is what I’m committed to.”

Beat Hotz-Hart

"The University of Zurich’s political autonomy allows it to achieve excellence in research-based teaching as well as in research and the transfer of knowledge – and thus to maintain its position as an internationally leading university. The University motivates its students, PhD candidates, and staff to think and act responsibly and critically, while giving them space to develop creative solutions. In addition, the University contributes to mastering pressing social challenges, to improving the quality of life, and to safeguarding our natural resources. As such, UZH contributes positively to the development of the greater Zurich area and fulfills its responsibility in strengthening society and the economy in Switzerland."

Ulrich Jakob Looser

"The University of Zurich with its international reputation for excellence in research and teaching makes a major contribution to enhancing Switzerland’s appeal as a place to live and work. UZH can rely on its strengths in research and teaching; in accordance with its organizational structure, the University takes advantage of creative freedoms to work toward the future, heightening the University of Zurich’s standing in global competition as a top institution for researchers, teachers and students."

Antonio Loprieno

"Switzerland’s higher education institutions are typologically and content-wise more diverse than those of its neighboring countries, yet they are also more coherent in terms of academics and the programs offered. The University of Zurich plays a pioneering role in this landscape because it has the most diverse range of studies in the whole of Switzerland, but also due to its internationally leading position in numerous areas of research. As such, the Board of the University is confronted with a dual challenge: Our overarching aim is to ensure the outstanding quality of scholarship at the University of Zurich, thus contributing to the international reputation of Switzerland’s higher education system on the whole."

Petra S. Hüppi

“Education, knowledge transfer and research in medicine are the cornerstone of all medical care. Without these activities, we would not be able to meet the needs of a society that is constantly developing. The role of a university is to ensure the availability of specialist knowledge about health and diseases. In many areas of medicine, the underlying scientific principles are incomplete, and it is paramount that we investigate them. With the University Medicine Zurich initiative, the University of Zurich has built an environment that focuses on innovation and cooperation in the medical arena. It has thus created an unprecedented education and research cluster of excellence in the life sciences.”

Urs Oberholzer

"Being involved in the development of one of the best educational institutions is a fascinating task. I see one of the main challenges in optimizing the conditions for top performance while keeping regulatory provisions at a minimum. This includes protecting researchers, instructors, and students from politically or economically induced reprobation. Scholars and researchers at UZH must be able to pursue their passion without constraint, to ponder past findings, produce new results, teach future generations – and to relentlessly ask questions. Only when we free ourselves from the myth of irrevocable facts can the never-ending adventure of learning, teaching, and research commence, thus engendering the greatest achievements of the human mind."

Franziska Widmer Müller

“The University of Zurich is one of the largest successful comprehensive universities that carry out exceptional work both on the national and international stage. Its main strength lies in its wide range of programs, at the Bachelor’s, Master’s as well as the PhD level. The seven faculties at UZH also train future teachers, who in turn make sure that their students – thoroughly prepared and equipped with the necessary skills – can dive into their preferred area of study. This recipe for success must continue to be strengthened and promoted for the benefit of Switzerland as a center of first-class education.”

Members without the Right to Vote

Executive Board of the University

  • Prof. Dr. Michael Schaepman, President
  • Prof. Dr. Gabriele Siegert,Vice President Education and Student Affairs
  • Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Stark, Vice President Research
  • Prof. Dr. Christian Schwarzenegger, Vice President Faculty Affairs and Scientific Information
  • Prof. Dr. Beatrice Beck Schimmer, Vice President Medicine
  • M.A. HSG Daniel Hug, Director of Finances
  • Dipl. Bauing. François Chapuis, Director of Real Estate and Facility Management

Representatives of the Professorial Staff

  • Prof. Dr. Oliver Diggelmann
  • Dep. Prof. Dr. Mireille Schnyder

Representative of the Students

Polina Pokrovskaya

Representative of the Junior Researchers

Hannah Schoch

Representative of the Senior Researchers and Teaching Staff

Dr. Jan Helbing

Representative of the Administrative and Technical Staff

Laura Beccarelli

Representative of the Department of Health

Dr. med. Peter Indra, Head of Health Department of the Ministry of Health

Representative of the Hospital Advisory Board USZ

André Zemp, Chair of the Hospital Advisory Board USZ

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