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Law and Legislation

Conflict resolution, human rights or the internationalization of law: Research at the Faculty of Law mainly investigates prevailing law, explores its foundations and basic principles, and critically examines the existing jurisprudence.

News From Our Research

  • In Service of Country

    UZH alumna Livia Leu grew up the daughter of a hotelier in the Graubünden Alps. Now she’s Switzerland’s highest-ranking diplomat. We visited the

  • Tenacious Virtuoso

    Kerstin Noëlle Vokinger has doctorates in law and medicine, was admitted to the bar, has a Master’s degree from Harvard and is a professor at only 34

  • “Democracy and solidarity must be strengthened”

    We are experiencing a moment of world history in which many certainties are being questioned and the ground under our feet feels shaky. But instead

  • Taking Climate to Court

    Over a dozen climate-related lawsuits are pending at the European Court of Human Rights, putting legal processes at the institution to the test. Two

  • Should Egg Donation Be Legalized in Switzerland?

    A motion has been submitted calling for the legalization of egg donation in Switzerland. Physician Brigitte Leeners and lawyer Andrea Büchler explain

  • The Art of Learning

    Learning is itself a skill that must be learned. The best ways to do this and the requirements for success are current topics of research at UZH. The

  • “Improved access to medicine and innovative technologies”

    Lawyer and medic Kerstin Noëlle Vokinger has been awarded the Swiss Science Prize Latsis, worth CHF 100,000. The award is made annually to a junior

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