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Research Spotlight

Lifelong Learning

The effects of lifelong learning are the focus of research being conducted by gerontopsychologist Burcu Demiray, one of the researchers linked to the University Research Priority Program Dynamics of Healthy Aging. “The more a person learns and actively uses their brain, the less likely they are to lose cognitive functions,” she says. In addition, Demiray was able to substantiate that people who converse more often have a better working memory.

Seeds from the Vault

Researchers at UZH are freezing the seeds of threatened local plants to help increase the biodiversity of ecosystems in the future. We accompanied Gregory Jäggli and Simon Gysi as they searched for, cleaned and froze the seeds of threatened plants.

Neurons Humming

Sleep disorders are very common, and they’re particularly problematic for people with Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers at UZH, USZ and ETH are developing a device that can help patients sleep more deeply and improve their quality of life. Sleep researcher Angelina Maric explains in the video how the positive effects of sleep can be enhanced.