Bachelor's Degree

Beginning Studies in the Spring Semester

At the Faculty of Economics, Business Administration and Information Technology, students cannot begin studies in the spring semester. Beginning studies in the spring semester is only possible in a few degree programs at other UZH faculties (and is still often restricted). We advise you to inform yourself early on as to whether you can begin your studies in the spring semester. The program regulations provide the necessary information. All UZH Bachelor's degree programs start in the fall semester.

Requirements for Students with Swiss Qualifications

If you hold a Federal or federally recognized cantonal school-leaving certificate (Matura), you can enroll in any faculty at the University of Zurich, provided a place to study can be allocated. Students with a degree from a Swiss university of applied sciences are entitled to study at any UZH faculty.

A list of all other Swiss qualifications recognized by the University of Zurich can be found on the pages of the Rectors' Conference of Swiss Universities (swissuniversities).

If you do not have a qualification that is recognized in Switzerland, the University of Zurich holds a full entrance examination at the level of a Swiss federal or a federally recognized cantonal university entry qualification (MAR) each year.

Requirements for Students with Foreign Qualifications

Foreign qualifications recognized by the University of Zurich must be primarily based on general education. Furthermore, they must represent the highest possible graduation diploma from a high school or secondary school in the respective country and entitle students to study at any university faculty and to pursue any field of study in that country.

Before applying, please refer to the general and national entrance requirements for students with foreign qualifications on the pages of the Rectors' Conference of Swiss Universities (swissuniversities).

German language examination

Besides meeting the general matriculation requirements, foreign applicants must also be able to demonstrate proficiency in German.

Additional examination of the Swiss Universities (ECUS)

Depending your foreign qualification, the University of Zurich can make admission conditional upon an additional examination (see national entrance requirements).
This examination, offered by the Swiss Universities, is only carried out once per year; the date is in August. Any applications to study at UZH that rely on the ECUS examination are only possible for the fall semester.

The Admissions Office is responsible for assessing whether you meet the admission requirements set by the University of Zurich. The information and the registration form for the additional examination will be sent out once your application has been processed.

Residence permit and visa

You are advised to contact the Swiss embassy in your country of origin in good time in order to clarify entry regulations. All foreigners intending to study in Zurich require a residence permit.

If you are accepted to the University of Zurich, you may apply for a visa at the Swiss embassy in your country of origin and for a residence permit at the migration office of the respective canton.

Further information is available from the Federal Office for Migration and/or the Migration Office of the Canton of Zurich.

Advanced Students studying in a Bachelor's Degree Program

The general conditions of admission apply to students who have already followed a course of study at another university and wish to change to the University of Zurich. The relevant faculty decides about the acceptance of academic achievements that were obtained elsewhere.