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Education at the Cutting Edge

Being a successful student means more than just getting a degree. Your studies shape the entire course of your life and prepare you for making responsible contributions to our shared future.
Eudcation at the Cutting Edge


The major challenges of our times – such as climate change, artificial intelligence and global crises – are not organized into distinct disciplines. Instead, they call for transdisciplinary and holistic solutions. With its seven faculties, UZH offers the broadest range of subjects in Switzerland – and therefore ideal opportunities for interdisciplinary exchange in teaching and study.

Sustainability in Teaching, Research and Operations

The University of Zurich takes its responsibility to society and the environment seriously, and actively encourages sustainability in research and teaching. UZH also strives to minimize the adverse impact of its research and teaching activities.

Equal Opportunities

The University of Zurich is actively committed to promoting diversity and reducing discrimination. It views diversity as an opportunity to promote exchange between different perspectives and thus as a valuable component of research and teaching.
Equal Opportunities

Assistance in Difficult Situations

UZH offers counseling and support for students in difficult situations, with psychological and personal problems, or in cases of discrimination or sexual harassment.
Counseling and Support

Advice and Support

As a UZH student, you can take advantage of a wide range of advisory services during your time at uni, from subject choices to study organization, from budgeting to accessing hardship funds, or from career planning to starting your first job.
Student Services

Mobility/Exchange Opportunities

UZH's various mobility programs enable students to attend courses at other universities in Switzerland and abroad and receive credits toward their degree.
Mobility in Switzerland and Abroad

Student Organizations

Playing in an orchestra, fencing or broadcasting on student radio: UZH is home to more than 130 student associations for you to get involved in campus life.
Student Organizations

Extra-Curricular Courses and Learning Opportunities

Sports facilities, IT courses, language classes and more: UZH students benefit from a wide range of courses and continuing education outside their field of study, often free of charge or at greatly reduced prices.
Courses and Offers

Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich has a thriving and diverse cultural scene, an international atmosphere with more than 30% foreign residents, and a bustling city center with a stunning lakeside setting in the foothills of the Alps.
Living in Zurich