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Visual "School of Transdisciplinary Studies"

Ready for the "Grand Challenges"?

The major challenges of our times are not organized into distinct disciplines. Instead, they call for transdisciplinary and holistic solutions. With the broadest range of subjects in Switzerland, UZH offers ideal opportunities for interdisciplinary exchange in teaching and study. In interdisciplinary courses, you will learn to take a holistic approach to analyzing complex problems and the pressing issues of our time, and to devise innovative and creative solutions.

Interdisciplinary Courses

The interdisciplinary courses of the School for Transdisciplinary Studies (STS) are the ideal complement to the study programs offered by the faculties, helping you to put your subject into context, expand on it and build your personal networks. The courses provide you with an excellent opportunity to broaden your horizon beyond your own academic field and to network with students and experts from a wide range of disciplines.

Courses on cross-cutting issues

The academic courses cover forward-looking cross-cutting topics such as the digital transformation, sustainable development, innovation and entrepreneurship, ethics, and citizen science and address current issues in the context of the grand challenges of our time.
STS: Inter-/Transdisciplinary Courses

Future Skills

The Future Skills courses complement the inter- and transdisciplinary courses with a focus on action and problem-solving and on the development of skills that are relevant to various fields and disciplines, regardless of the topic. The courses are often hands-on and teach students transversal skills and methods that can be applied in various contexts.
STS: Future Skills

Transdisciplinary study programs

From the 2024 fall semester, the interdisciplinary Digital Skills minor program can be taken at Master’s level. The program is supported by the interdisciplinary network of instructors of the Digital Society Initiative (DSI).
STS: Minor Digital Skills