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Sustainability in Teaching, Research and Operations

As one of the leading universities in Switzerland, the University of Zurich has a responsibility to society and the environment, and actively promotes sustainability in research and teaching. UZH strives to minimize the impact of its research and teaching activities on the environment while finding solutions to global sustainability challenges.

Sustainability Policy

UZH’s Sustainability Policy sets out how the university aims to tackle the challenges of global sustainable development. The accompanying 2030 Implementation Strategy contains a variety of strategic goals, including becoming a carbon-neutral institution:
UZH Policies: Sustainability Policy
2030 Implementation Strategy for the Sustainability Policy (PDF)

Research Centers and Research Priority Programs

Researchers across UZH’s centers of competence and research priority programs are generating insights that are crucial to sustainable development, for example when it comes to global change and biodiversity.
URPP Global Change and Biodiversity
URPP Evolution in Action
Zurich-Basel Plant Science Center
Center of Competence for Sustainable Finance

Sustainable Operations

UZH is also committed to promoting sustainability in its operations, for example by installing rooftop photovoltaic systems, offering vegan meals in its cafeterias and running the fully vegetarian/vegan cafeteria Rämi59. Every two years, UZH publishes a sustainability report about its progress. The Sustainability Team is the central contact point for all matters surrounding sustainability. UZH’s Sustainability Commission includes representatives of all faculties and representative bodies as well as of the students, and discusses questions relating to sustainability.
Vegan cafeteria: Rämi59
Sustainability Report
Sustainability Commission

How Can Students Help Promote Sustainability?

Many student initiatives at UZH focus on sustainability issues, from university politics and the annual sustainability week to the student-run communal garden on Irchel Campus. Students can also get involved in the sustainability initiatives of the departments/institutes, or decide to run for election to faculty and university bodies. Moreover, UZH staff and students can voluntarily announce their personal sustainability goals on the university’s self-commitment website. 
Student-led sustainability initiatives
Sustainability initiatives in organizational units
Voluntary self-commitments

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Sustainability at UZH

The Sustainability Team at the University of Zurich supports existing activities surrounding sustainability in research, teaching, and daily operations. It coordinates implementation of various measures and fosters communication between all members of the UZH community who are working toward sustainability.

The "Green VVZ" lists the courses in the UZH course catalogue that are related to sustainable development topics.