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BSc 120

BSc120: major in physics with 120 ECTS credits and a minor programme with 60 ECTS credits

Bachelor studies



BSc 120 Core Elective modules:

  • 2 ECTS credits from a pro-seminar either on theoretical or experimental physics
  • min. 18 ECTS credits from three core elective modules (Quantum mechanics, Electrodynamics, Mathematical Methods in Physics II, Solid State physics or Nuclear- and particle physics)

In the first three semesters, the three variants BSc180, BSc150 and BSc120 do not differ. A change is also possible later.

If you plan to start with your minor in the third semester we recommend to attend PHY 311 (Mechanics) in the fifth semester or discuss your study programme with the student advisor.

Study guide

The Guide to Physics Studies (PDF, 1 MB) provides comprehensive information about the Bachelor's and Master's programs.

Old Study Guide

  • Begin before fall 18: Linear Algebra II is not compulsory
  • Physics III before fall 18: Physics IV is not compulsory

old study guide (PDF, 1019 KB)