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BSc 180 or 150

  • BSc180: major with 180 ECTS credits in physics
  • BSc150: major with 150 ECTS credits in physics and 30 ECTS credits in a minor programme

Bachelor studies BSc 180 or BSc150



BSc 180

  • Core Elective modules: choose two modules (min 10 ECTS credits) from seven core elective modules
  • Elective modules: module in any subject area at the University or ETH (excluding language courses) with 18 ECTS credits

BSc 150

  • Core Elective modules: 2 ECTS credits from a pro-seminar in theoretical or experimental physics
  • Elective modules: 2 ECTS credits to be chosen among the modules in physics

In the first three semesters, the three variants BSc180, BSc150 and BSc120 do not differ. A change is also possible later.


Study guide

The Guide to Physics Studies (PDF, 1 MB) provides comprehensive information about the Bachelor's and Master's programs.

Old Study Guide

  • Begin before fall 18: Linear Algebra II is not compulsory
  • Physics III before fall 18: Physics IV is not compulsory

BSc 180

  • Core Elective modules: two modules (minimum 12 ECTS) to be chosen

BSc 150

  • Core Elective modules: 2 ECTS from pro-seminar : theoretical or experimental physics) plus one module to be chosen

old study guide (PDF, 1019 KB)