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Department of Sociology

Bachelor's Program in Sociology

You acquire broad, versatilely applicable knowledge about subject areas and the fundamentals of sociology, core sociological theories and empirical methods. A rich, diverse offering of elective modules allows you to specialize in one of the Department of Sociology’s focus areas and to become acquainted with other special sociologies.

Major in Sociology

A Bachelor’s degree with a major in sociology equips you with the skills required to empirically investigate social structures and processes using a theory-led approach. It provides you with a well-grounded foundation for transitioning to a science-related occupation or for continuing your academic training in a Master’s program.

Choice of Minor

As the largest comprehensive university in the German-speaking region of Switzerland, the University of Zurich also offers a wide spectrum of potential minors that can be variably combined with a sociology major. This unique diversity enables you to tailor your studies to your needs and interests and to develop a customized skill set.

Minor in Sociology

A Bachelor’s minor in sociology worth 60 ECTS credits very often gets combined with majors in other social science subjects such as political science, communication science and media research, psychology, or even geography, for example. The major covers the introductory curriculum. You acquire fundamental knowledge about the science of sociology and the workings of our society. Afterwards, you select elective sociology modules in line with your personal interests.

Model Curricula and Regulations

The model curricula and program regulation for studies in sociology and the framework ordinance governing Bachelor’s degree programs in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences are central to organizing and planning your studies.

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Study Sociology – Brochure

Study Sociology – Brochure (German)

Insights into the Bachelor’s Program

Insights into the Bachelor’s Program (German)

Dates and Deadlines (German)

Information on application deadlines and important semester dates such as deadlines for bookings and cancellations are available here.


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