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Department of Sociology

Master’s Program in Sociology

The Master’s program broadens your foundational knowledge and expands your analytical skills, equipping you with ideal prerequisites to enter exciting and challenging specialist professional fields.

The Master’s program at the University of Zurich Department of Sociology allows you to custom-design your degree course flexibly. You deepen and broaden the knowledge you acquired in the Bachelor’s program. The curriculum for sociology major students centers on the acquisition of comprehensive skills in planning and conducting theory-driven empirical research. Our teaching staff will provide you with extensive support in developing a research topic, analyzing the data, and visualizing and interpreting the research findings.

Choice of Major

As part of your degree program, you select courses in the areas of sociology theory and sociological methods. You additionally choose your personal focus area by attending courses in the three main research focus areas: Economic Sociology, Life Course and Generations, and Social Norms and Cooperation.

Choice of Minor

As the largest comprehensive university in the German-speaking region of Switzerland, the University of Zurich also offers a wide spectrum of elective minors that can be variably combined with the sociology major. This diversity enables you to organize your degree course in accordance with your needs and interests, and it optimally prepares you for a career in academia, in research institutions, or in the commercial or non-profit sector.

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