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Professorial Appointments 2023

News list

  • Appointments of 8 May 2023

    Prof. Dr. José Oberholzer, Prof. Dr. Theofanis Karayannis, Dr. Tobias Jammerthal, Prof. Dr. Inge K. Herrmann

  • Appointments of 27 March 2023

    Prof. Dr. Tilmann Altwicker, Dr. Delia Coculescu, Prof. Dr. Florian Altermatt, Dr. John Mansfield, Dr. Alice Margaria

  • Appointments of 27 February 2023

    Prof. Dr. Marco Dell’Erba, Prof. Dr. Zacharias Sautner, Prof. Dr. Ravit Helled, Prof. Dr. Michael Krützen

  • Appointments of 30 January 2023

    Prof. Dr. Corinna Reinhardt

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Professorial Appointments

Professorial appointments are announced by the Board of the University, by the Executive Board and by the Vetsuisse Council.


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