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Guest lecture by Klaus Hoeyer on April 19

On April 19, Prof. Dr. Klaus Hoeyer from the University of Copenhagen will give a guest lecture on «Data-intensive medicine: is there a role for social analysis?»

«Medical practices are becoming ever more data intensive and the data produced in the health services are now to support not only patient care, but also administrative research and innovation goals. What is driving this data intensification and what are the implications? Significant investments are aimed at integrating data infrastructures to facilitate reuse and to make data travel across international borders. Drawing on fieldwork, policy analysis, and interviews, I describe some of the many competing interests in data and how they have both intended and unintended consequences focusing on why social scientists need to get involved.»

Klaus Hoeyer is professor of Medical Science and Technology Studies at the Centre for Medical Science and Technology Studies, University of Copenhagen. His research focuses on the links between policy, practice and experience in relations to medical research and clinical practice. In recent years, he has focused mainly on what he calls intensified data sourcing in healthcare and how it interacts with and changes the health services. This research is financed by the European Research Council through the recently finalized project POLICYAID and a new project entitled DataSpace. His most recent book is Data Paradoxes: The Politics of Intensified Data Sourcing Healthcare (MIT Press, 2023, open access).

The lecture is organized by the SNSF project «(Im-)possibilities of letting life end» and the Swiss Association for the Study of Science, Technology and Society. Link to the Flyer (PDF, 12 MB).

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