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Choosing Sociology: Students’ motivations and projections

The newestSSA Bulletin 161, which includes a case study by a group of SUZ students, is about choosing sociology and aims at providing a better understanding of the motivations of students choosing sociology nowadays and their visions of their role in society as sociologists.

Excerpts of the introduction:

This bulletin reflects on the professional self-image of sociologists by focusing on the subjective orientations and motivations, as well as the biographical experiences and projects that frame the decision to study sociology. 

For this thematic Bulletin, we asked students in sociology at the various universities in Switzerland to provide insights on their own and their colleagues’ motivations for studying sociology, as well as their projections as future sociologists.

The bulletin includes a case study written by students of the Department of Sociology at the University of Zurich:

"Reasons for studying sociology from an inequality perspective."
Deborah Imboden (Bachelor student), Strahinja Popovic (Master student), Diego Strassmann Rocha (Master student)
Swiss Sociological Association, Bulletin 161, December 2022, Page 19.

Download the full bulletin here:


From the SSA webpage:


The SSA links sociologists in Switzerland. As a member of the International Sociological Association (ISA) and of the European Sociological Association (ESA), it also contributes to international exchanges between sociologists. As a scientific association, it defends the interests of sociology in the science policy institutions in Switzerland (e.g. the Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences and the Swiss Council of Science and Technology).

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